7 Good Things – 10.07.2017

The weekly round up of good things is back! To be honest I don’t know where it went, the good things didn’t stop exactly I guess I just got too busy to actually take note and appreciate them properly. My bad. I’m hoping to get them going again though, because I really enjoy writing them and it forces me remember that the smaller moments are just as perfect as the big ones. So without any more rambling, here’s my 7 Good Things this week:

  1. Driving in the sun – I know some people love driving, and some hate it, but I tend to be indifferent. I’m thankful for the convenience it brings to my life but that’s about it. When the sun comes out though, it is a whole different story. Driving in the sun with radio on just seems to instantly lift my spirits.
  2. Learning new skills – my new job includes some things I’ve never done before (but that’s a whole different blog post) It can be scary and a bit stressful but at the same time I’m really enjoying growing every day.
  3. Self Love – Here’s a bit of an insight into my mind: normally when I diet I tell myself I can feel the weight loss. I feel sassier, lighter, and more fashionable. All round just better I guess. Recently I weighed myself and discovered I’d put on weight and it was a bit of a shock. I guess it shouldn’t given my current diet, however it was a shock. Because I’d been feeling good, I’d been feeling stylish – I’d been feeling my best. I guess that’s the thing with practising self-love, it can take away the power from things that once got you down.
  4. Cooking Together – Talking of food, one of the things that has been making me happy for weeks now is the fact me and Craig cook together all the time. OK, he does most of the cooking – but experimenting, singing and generally pratting about with food at the end is always awesome.
  5. Furry Cushions – I’ve recent got some ombre, white and purple cushions for our lounge. As the house is rented we haven’t done much on the decorating front, but in the last month or so it feels like we’re finally stamping our personality on it.
  6. Asda’s Cherries And Berries Squash – until I lived with Craig I never really drank cordial, however I love this! It takes like cherry jellies and makes getting enough water super easy.
  7. Support From Others – I have my last uni deadline of the year on the 24th July, so its all guns go at the moment. It can be hard to find the motivation sometimes however having extra support from Craig and my family has made it so much easier.

And that’s it, here’s to 7 more good things next week!