Ever a fan of gothic literature, I’ve always loved the idea of Whitby… sitting on a bench, overlooking the cliffs where Dracula famously came to England.

In my mind, I’m dressed in complete princess-core, with a parasol to boot, natch. 

With our annual leave clashing, the only week Craig and I could take off together, just happened to be around a month after we got our new puppy. 

I’m sorry, I’m going to have to sneak in a photo of her here because just look at that little Basset face!

Obviously, we were too smittened and she was too young to leave with family, so instead of heading abroad, we packed up our car and all three of us headed to the Yorkshire coast.

I had high hopes after visiting Scarborough in 2020, and Whitby did not disappoint!

I won’t bother listing our accommodation, as to be honest it wasn’t the best and I’m sure you could find waaaay better.


The town itself is so easy to navigate and has a bit of something for everyone. 

I loved exploring the winding streets, full of independent & alternative shops (think trinkets & incense sticks galore.)

There are also a number of great vintage shops here, with everything from clothing and accessories to furniture and decor.

However further down the prom, you get a sense of a ‘proper British seaside town’ with arcades sparking, doughnuts frying and bags of candyfloss dancing in the breeze. 

Pippa (the puppy) was a bit overwhelmed by the arcades and the crowds, so we didn’t explore that side too much. But I can tell you, if you’re looking for a dog-friendly break this is the place to go!

90% of pubs, cafes & shops let dogs in with staff often going out of their way to bring over treats and water bowls. The places that didn’t let dogs in, normally let you sit in their outdoor seating area though so even that wasn’t a great loss.

One woman we got talking to, told us how more often than not her dog was allowed in places and it was her pushchair that was refused entry on account of the old buildings being small and narrow at points. 

I feel like I should give a special shout-out to Jet Black Jewel Hotel & Cafebar – the interior was so, so gorgeous but sadly I didn’t take too many photos because I was distracted by the best cinnamon bun I’ve ever had.

It was soo good, I’m still thinking (and drooling) over it now one month on.

The staff were also, so friendly & kind – especially to Pippa who was just loving the attention. 

There was also a small market set up in the town, with stalls selling the normal fairs such as brownies & cakes etc, and there was one stall selling a wonderfully random assortment of historical/military paraganglia which would have made great steampunk accessories.

Step This Way

If you’re heading to Whitby, you have to do the 199 Steps – I’m sorry, it’s just the law. 

It can feel like a bit of a trek when the sun is beating down – especially if like me you are nursing a nice bout of morning sickness – but there are regular benches along the way. 

It also makes you appreciate just how religious the locals must have been back in the day, to schlep all the way up to access the abbey.

One good thing about taking regular breaks on your way up, is it gives you a chance to really take in the views. 

Whitby harbour looks stunning, and when the sun is shining these views make you wonder why you would ever go abroad for a beach break. 

Spirit In The Sky

Once you’ve conquered the steps, you can head on over to Whitby Abbey for your dose of history. 

Not only are the ruins worth exploring themselves, but the nearby St Mary’s Churchyard is renowned for featuring in Bram Stoker’s classic horror.

It’s said that Stoker got the inspiration for his character’s names after perusing the gravestones, but if you don’t fancy searching them out don’t worry the churchyard also offers great views of the harbour and seemed to be a popular place for people to rest with a book or two.

Beach Please

We were so looking forward to taking Pippa on the beach, but alas it turns out that is one place that isn’t dog friendly in Whitby.

Still, we walked out along the pier, taking in the views before settling down for a spot of people-watching and getting all nostalgic with a Tango Iceblast – I honestly cannot remember that last time I’d had one and now I’m questioning why I don’t have them more often. 

I wasn’t feeling too great one morning so Craig left me in bed whilst he & Pippa went to explore the lighthouse. 

I’ve been told this was a great walk, with both Craig and Pippa really enjoying it so I’m a bit gutted to have missed out on this one. 

Whilst I do miss going abroad – the last time was in 2019 which feels like a lifetime ago! I’ve really enjoyed exploring more parts of the UK.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit quite a few UK destinations over the past year or so, so now I’ve got more time on my hands I’ll get adding the write-ups on here just in case you fancy a UK break too.