silver imac on brown wooden table
  1. There is no such thing as a digital marketing expert. The digital world is always evolving and updating, in a way that makes it impossible for one person to be an expert at it all. If someone does tell you they are an expert, they are lying to try and get your money.
  2. Nobody cares about your product/brand/founder story as much as you do. Sorry but it’s true.
  3. Some books that were written 100 years ago are still relevant. Methods change over time, but the human psyche rarely does. 
  4. What you don’t say, can mean just as much as what you do say. 
  5. You don’t need to be on every platform or be everything to everyone – stop people-pleasing, and focus on what you are good at. 
  6. If you’re building hype for your product/event make sure you can deliver on it, don’t be the next Clubhouse or Fyre Festival.
  7. If you’re going to be on social media, make sure you offer a good level of customer service. 
  8. ‘Always Offer Value’ – how you treat this advice will make or break your digital marketing. 
  9. Yes, marketing is creative but don’t forget to crunch those numbers. Data is our lifeblood. 
  10. Marketers are not graphic designers – sure some individuals may have similar skills but they are two distinct practices. 
  11. It doesn’t matter what your competitors are doing, all that matters is what your customers want & how you can deliver it.