5 Places You Have To Visit In Crete

First of all, let me confess, I love the Greek Isles, as you probably know from my other posts.

However, if you’ve never been to Crete, then I strongly recommend a visit. Apart from the obvious on sunshine and beaches, there are views that will quieten your soul and the chance to lose yourself in Greek mythology. What more could you want from a holiday?

I love learning about history and Greek myths fascinate me, so I may be biased when I say it is one of the best Greek Isles to visit. I’ve been a few times now, and these are five places you absolutely must visit during your stay.


A popular tourist spot, you can pay for an organised tour or jump on one of the local boats that go between the mainland and the fort every few hours.

Why visit? Lots of history teamed amazing views over the sea and nearby islands.

Top Tip: Avoid the organised tours, wear sensible shoes and take a picnic. I’ve been on an organised tour and been without a tour guide – and to be honest I don’t think organised tours add that much. After all, the place is full of information boards.

If you go by yourself you can go off the beaten track to the top of the fort for lunch away from the crowds with a gorgeous – and quiet – back drop. It feels so special to be high up, on a historical site all by yourself.

Agios Nicholas

Again, another popular tourist spot! A lot of people I’ve met go to Crete to spend a week purely in good ol’ Ag Nick.

Why Visit? Shops and bars a plenty!

Top Tip: Try everything once. Most small shops will offer you some sort of taster or demo – even if it doesn’t sound like your thing, give it a go. Keep your eyes peeled for Raki with Honey, a lot smoother than normal Raki, it tastes amazing but still has a definite kick.

Top Tip Number 2: Invest in olive oil based products. Olive oil based creams and soaps are some of the best skin care secrets I’ve found. Plus many are infused and smell uh-mazing. Whenever I use them I’m taken back to the holiday vibes.

Knossos Palace

If you are interested in Greek mythology this has to be on your list. Legend says this is the site of the Labyrinth in which the Minator lived.

Why visit? The ruins of an ancient palace, great views and lots of history.

Top Tip: When I visited I took advantage of the tour guides and after talking to others that didn’t, I am so glad I did. As well as the legends, they can also tell you about what life was like inside and outside the palace at the time. For example, if you lived inside the palace walls you had almost double to life expectancy of those outside the palace. Bloody hell.

The Birth Place Of Zeus.

Again another site that is steeped in history and legend. The cave is supposedly where Zeus was born and raised as a child.

Why visit? The most incredible views on the way up the cave, along with spectacular rock formations within the cave. Also how often do you get the chance to visit the birth place of a god?

Top Tip: Be warned, getting to the cave is not for the faint-hearted. The walk to the cave is quiet steep, so definitely take some water and go on a cooler day. There are locals hiring out donkeys, but we decided to walk as it seemed cruel for the donkeys to be plodding up and down all day in the sun. *sad face*

Also, the inside of the cave is deceptively cold and steep. If you have trouble with your knees you may want to give this one a miss.


One, if not the main city in Crete it has everything you would expect from a Mediterranean city.

Why visit? Full of museums, shops, bars and restaurants you can spend hours exploring and there’s always somewhere new to see.

Top Tip: Look for a restaurant around the square, yes you may pay slightly more but it’s a great spot for people watching!

If you know of any other places in Crete/Greece that are worth a visit, let me know! And don’t forget, you can always find out more about Crete, by visiting the Greek Tourist Board.