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Over half of Google Searches Are A Dead-End, So This Is What You Need To Do

If you watch my Instagram Stories, you would have seen me discussing a new study that was published by SparkToro which claims that 65% of all Google searches end in a ‘no click’. 

In other words, the person searching didn’t click through to a website after getting to the Google search results.

If you don’t watch my Instagram Stories, then shame on you… but I’m digressing now. 

Google has since refuted this claim by SparkToro insisting that ‘no click’ searches are far too nuanced a thing to be able to measure accurately. Though Google did admit that some of the tools it offers may reduce clicks onto a website.

Make of that admission what you will… 

So how does this affect your business? 

I’d recommend seeing it as an opportunity to outmanoeuvre your competitors. 

Whilst on-site SEO is still a must, try to also think about how your content interacts with Google – In essence, create content specifically for Google Snippets.

What is a Gooogle Snippet?

If you’ve ever Googled a question and had an answer appear directly in the Google search, you’ve seen a snippet. If not, they look like this


How To Get Featured In A Google Snippet:

Whilst there’s no guarantee your site will be featured as a snippet there are things you can do to increase your chances.

  • Know the questions your customers are asking and create content that specifically answers this. If you’re unsure what questions your customer is asking tools like answerthepublic.com can help.
  • Create good quality answers – it should go without saying you really need to focus on quality. Don’t just offer a quick summary, instead go as deep as you can into a topic and offer the best explanation possible.
  • Be engaging – As well as being informative you need to make your answer easy to read and engage with. Use images and videos to illustrate a point if need be. 
  • Create a question & answer page – If you’re worried that answering all of these questions will clog up your website or blog, try a dedicated FAQ page instead. 
Don’t Forget Your Google Business Listing

If you haven’t claimed your Google Business Listing, do so now. Like right now… I’m more than happy to sacrifice my page views for you to do this. 

Yup, it is that important.

If you already have claimed your Google Business Listing, then make sure all of your details are up to date. Also, add any relevant photos or videos you have that showcase your products or the services you offer. 

Try to add new photos regularly as this will show Google that your account is active and so it is more likely to favour showing it in search results compared to dormant Google Business Listings.

Even if you engage in limited Search Engine Optimisation, ensuring your Google Business Listing is up to date is essential as it is such a powerful tool for helping customers find your business.

One note, however, if you get any reviews on your Business listing, make sure that you respond to them – both the good and the bad reviews!

This will reflect so much better on your company than simply ignoring them. Besides if someone has taken the time to leave you a glowing review, it is only fair you thank them for it. 

In marketing as in life – have an attitude of gratitude