The Big Day: We’ve Started Wedding Planning!

Last year when Craig popped the pretty question I was so, so happy. I was so excited to start planning and brainstorming and buying new stationary. Yet life got in the way, and now it’s been almost a whole year of engagement without a sniff of a wedding.

Or at least, that’s how it was.

Until we started making passing comments, that led to casual conversations, that led to proper, official WEDDING PLANNING.

It feels like the world’s worst secret – a secret because we haven’t actually done anything yet. And the world’s worst secret because we’ve been discussing it with everyone within a ten-mile radius.

Naturally we both knew about all of the big stuff you need to think about. The dress, the colours, the venue etc. However it turns out there is a lot more that goes into planning a wedding than just trying on a few dozen dresses. For example, wedding insurance – Who knew this was a thing?

As such I thought I’d start a new (albeit sporadic) blog series, based on our journey of planning a wedding. While we won’t be totally scrimping, we will be trying to keep costs low and so I’ll be sharing any ideas and tutorials along the way (or after the big day if it’s something mega special and secret!) But, as with anything related to budgets I guess these posts won’t be a one size fits all kinda thing. Just because something seems overly expensive to me, it might not be to you. And vica versa.

I was toying with writing these posts after the big day and in a way, I know that would make more sense. I’d be able to tell you what worked, what didn’t and the things we’d never change. However, I wanted to share things with you whilst the ideas are still fresh. I want to show how things can develop along the way, and highlight any potential pitfalls instead of glossing over them.

Basically, wedding planning is certainly going to be a journey for us, and I want to bring you along for the ride.