Bookworm: Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

If you are anything like me, you’ll hear a book mentioned, make a mental note to read it sometime, and then completely forget about it. I’m especially bad at doing this whilst listening to books discussed on The High Low podcast. As such, when my… View Post

Bookworm: The Multi-Hyphen Method

It may be a blogger/millennial faux pass to admit, but I didn’t know much about Emma Gannon until recently. Sure I’d seem people talking about her first book, Ctrl, Alt, Delete: Growing Up Online  but it had never really piqued my interest.  Then I discovered… View Post

Bookworm: Seas Of Snow

I’m going to be honest, I should have written this post a long time ago. I should have read Seas of Snow a lot quicker. I wanted to read it quicker – in one long uninterrupted sitting. Probably with a quiet hour or two after… View Post

Bookworm: Beloved by Toni Morrison

First of all, let me admit, I feel deeply under-qualified to write this review… but something in me says I should try. There is a set structure to ghost stories: normally someone dies; they are either an awful person, or die in awful circumstances. Unable… View Post

Bookworm: The Girl on the Train Review

After a mad month that has included moving out, breaking up, moving back home, gal pals and copious amounts of wine, the blogging game is once again ago-go. As with any break-up (I imagine) the weeks following it have all been a bit of whirl,… View Post