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Ghost Writing: Nicola Edwards Carpet Edging

Nicola Edwards Carpet Edging is well known within the interiors industry, working with some of the UK’s biggest flooring brands, interiors influencers and celebrities.

With this prestige often comes requests for the founder to share her knowledge and insights within industry media.

When a leading brand asked Nicola Edward’s founder for an ‘expert’s advice’ piece to be featured on their website I was approached as the eponymous Nicola didn’t feel confident in how she would present herself.

After speaking to her and researching her other press appearances I gained an understanding of her tone of voice, vocabulary and approach.

I then carried out interviews and research to cement my technical knowledge that would feature in the piece.

A draft was submitted to her to ensure that she was happy with how she was presented (spoiler: she was!) and the final edits (word count) were made before being sent to her to use.

Website Content: Billy Bounce

The team at Billy Bounce wanted to capitalise on a nationwide initiative called The Daily Mile to promote the running tracks they installed for schools.

I researched the initiative, getting a good understanding of the benefits schools would see, along with any barriers to investing in a running track. I also developed a deep understanding of the types of running tracks supplied by Billy Bounce and how they were installed.

Following my market research, I liaised with The Daily Mile Foundation to ensure any content published on the Billy Bounce website aligned with The Daily Mile’s trademark agreement.

I then created website content in the form of web pages and several blog posts which resulted in a significant increase in sales enquiries.

Blogs: CareerGeek

CareerGeek was, as the name suggests a website that focused on career advice for students and graduates.

I was commissioned to create a number of blog posts that focused on securing work after graduation and other topics.

This client was based in India, however, the website served students studying in the UK aged 18- early twenties.

Given the demographic of the target audience. I adopted an informal tone and carried out market research to ensure that each blog post was relatable and that any references I made were relevant to the target audience.

The blog post I wrote on easy interview tips proved to be one of the most popular on the site.

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