Croft Mill – Social & Email Campaign (Industry Awards)

Croft Mill – Social & Email Campaign (Industry Awards)

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Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

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Nominations Campaign

For this project, I planned and implemented a multi-channel social media and email marketing campaign to secure Croft Mill’s first-ever shortlist for the British Sewing Awards 2014.

I planned and scheduled tweets, Facebook statuses, blogs and ‘new stories’ that featured on the company homepage, being careful to encourage nominations without being seen as ‘pushy.’

Following my campaign, Sew Magazine contacted Croft Mill to confirm that we had made the shortlist, which is based purely on the number of nominations gained.

Being shortlisted for the award means that Croft Mill will gain editorial space as it is featured in Sew Magazine’s print editions for the three-months voting period before the winner is announced. Along with the prestige of being shortlisted for a national award.


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Voting Campaign

Following on from the success of the ‘Nominations’ campaign, I created email marketing campaigns to secure votes for the final stages of the British Sewing Awards.

I also promoted the Sewing Awards on multiple social media channels, blogs and created website copy all with a call to action to gain votes.

While doing this I aimed to gain votes while enhancing the customer’s emotional journey by letting them know how much Croft Mill appreciated their support.

The awards were given on the number of votes alone and Croft Mill gained 1st place in the ‘Best Independent Store: North of England’ category and 3rd for ‘Best Online Retailer’

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