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The RTC Group specialises in safety surfacing and includes two distinct brands RTC & Billy Bounce. RTC caters to councils, contractors and play companies whilst Billy Bounce is targeted directly to schools and nurseries.

Before getting to work on each brand I carried out an audit of the current social media output and competitor analysis.

Safety surfacing might not seem the most exciting topic, but it was important to portray the brand’s expertise and authority within the industry, which I did by creating captions that encapsulated the current brand voice, yet was tailored to each social platform and audience. I also ensured that each caption was search friendly to improve brand awareness and increase social media reach whilst still sounding natural.

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Item 2
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At the end of the time frame set out by the strategy I had managed to increase the brand’s Linkedin following by 201% whilst also increasing social media engagement by 118.64%

As a direct result of the increased engagement rates and follower growth RTC also saw website traffic from social media by 101.9% on the previous year.

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