I probably shouldn’t be starting a newsletter – Ok I really shouldn’t be starting a newsletter.

Given I’ve just gone freelance, I should be hustling a lá the Linkedin Bros to try and drum up some more trade.

But I’ve always missed old school blogging so here we are.

A lot’s changed since I first pressed publish on a blog – I’ve worked in marketing and copywriting for over a decade. I’ve had a baby and gone freelance.

That’s basically the short version.

But during that time I worked in e-commerce and learnt how creating written content in the form of articles, newsletters and captions could really forge a sense of community.

I’ve seen older women get all hot and bothered, asking if a certain team member was in, as he was the one that wrote the printed catalogue and he was to them, like the hot character in your favourite novel. Swoon inducing.

I’ve worked in construction – which, as the only woman in the office was EYE OPENING, to say the least.

But it taught me the power of personal branding. All done through carefully thought-out statements and comments, mainly because the chaps in question hated the idea of being on video.

I already had a love for words, and did a degree in creative writing to horn my craft. Then I clung on to the student life and studied for a master’s in marketing alongside my full-time job. It taught me the theories that my intuitive marketing had been (unknowingly) grounded upon.

And now I want to share what I’ve learnt, what I’m learning and what I’m doing.

But not in a narcissistic way, just a helpful way, k?

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