How To Use A Jade Roller, And Why I’ve Become Obsessed!

I was given a jade roller for Christmas last year and used it off and on in the months after without much success. However lately I have been more consistent and now I am obsessed!

What Is A Jade Roller?

By now, a lot of people will have heard of them thanks to Instagram and beauty blogs who picked up on the trend last year. But for those of you who are uninitiated, it’s essentially like a small paint roller made from jade – however, thanks to the recent rise in popularity you can now buy them in almost every stone.

Originating in ancient China, jade rollers have been used for centuries claiming to boost your skin’s appearance and health, while jade itself is said to ward of negative energy…

…And let’s be honest, in 2020 we need every method for wading of negativity that we can get.

How To Use A Jade Roller?

There seems to be a huge debate on this, however, I’ve seen the most results from this method:

  • Firstly, it should be said that I only saw noticeable results once I started doing it daily. I do it every morning, and often at night time too.
  • If you’re only going to roll once a day I’d recommend doing it in the morning as I honestly don’t think the results would last long enough for them to be visible in the morning if you did it the night before.
  • Apply your skin care products as normal then with gentle pressure work the jade roller from the centre of the face outwards and upwards.
  • Only roll in one direction (outwards!) When I first started, I would roll the roller backwards and forwards over the same space thinking this would iron out any lines. However, I’ve since learnt that you will not see any results from doing this. Instead I now try to use long sweeping rolls in one direction and go over each section about five times.
  • This goes without saying really, but the larger roller can be used almost anywhere on your face whilst the smaller roller is better used around the eyes and mouth. To be honest I still struggle around the eyes sometimes as it does feel slightly weird!

Jade rollers are generally cool to the touch, but many hardcore fans advocate for keeping your roller in a fridge for added benefits. This said, I don’t have a dedicated skin care fridge so I tried it in our main fridge… only for it to end up smelling like garlic. So don’t say you haven’t been warned!

pink jade roller near menstrual cup
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Why Bother Jade Rolling?

Well I guess there is two main reasons, firstly the pressure helps to push fluids towards your lymph nodes which then get to work processing toxins. Meanwhile the coolness of the jade also restricts blood flow in the area.

This in turn helps your skin to seem brighter, whilst reducing any puffiness. Thanks to allergies I often suffer from puffy eyes in the morning – especially during hay fever season – and rolling definitely helps to ease it.

On a more niche note, my allergies also mean I sometimes get areas of redness and the coolness also seems to help calm these. I’ve heard that many people with Rosacea also say it helps with their redness too.

So yeah, in a long winded way that is why I have become a jade roller aficionado! If you have a jade roller I would love to know if you’ve seen any benefits – or on the other hand, why you won’t be using one!