About Me

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

Given my first degree was in English & Creative Writing, it should be no surprise I’ve ended up as a writer… but I definitely took the scenic route!

I spent a decade working in marketing, studied for  a Msc Digital Marketing and even spent a bit of time in a sales office. 

No matter what I was doing though, I always needed a creative outlet and this little website has had many iterations over the years, firstly as a lifestyle blog, then as a marketing blog and now it’s a lovely little blend of my first love – short stories – and my expertise, website content.

What You Can Expect:

Content Tips For Brands

There’s no such thing as gatekeeping here, so I’m sharing everything I’ve learnt about writing content.

And having worked in marketing for a decade, and completing two relevant degrees. – that’s a lot!

You’ll learn:

  • The psychology of content writing and how to make it work for you.
  • How to humanise your brand voice and connect  with your audience.
  • How to create content that makes you memorable and stand out.



Resources For Fiction writers

Fiction writing is a great excuse for procrasitnation, – there’s literally nothing like staring at an empty page right? 

So if you need a bit help or inspiration, I’ve got you covered

You can expect:

  • Writing exercises & prompts
  • Writing methods & tips
  • Ideas from famous authors distilled into actionable advice

Short Stories

I love to experiment with my writing, so I don’t have a strict genre per se, however most of them tend to be psychological thrillers.

Something I’m trying to do more of is add a summary at the end of each piece, explaining what inspired it. 

You’ll get:

  • Complete stories you can read on your commute or before bed etc
  • Themes that get you thinking
  • An insight into my mind


The Less Serious Stuff

  • I’m a mum to a wild little boy
  •  I used to be obsessed with fitness and I’m slowly getting back into it. 
  • Spirituality > Religion
  • I love a good conspiracy theory.
  • I have a new interest every week (this week it’s oceanography) 
  • I have currently have an 828 day streak on Duolingo (not even childbirth can get in the way of my German lessons haha)
  • Both of my elbows are double jointed, so people get freaked out when I stretch. Sorry not sorry. 

Wanna Work Together?

I work with…

E-Commerce Brands/ Founders/ Media Publications/ Entreprenuers/ Online Businesses/ Coaches/ Construction Companies/ Content Creators/ Retailers/ Hospitality