5 Weird & Wonderful Writing Prompts

If you are in the mood to write something, but don’t know what, writing prompts can be a great place to start. They can help get you thinking about subjects you wouldn’t normally and can be a great way to practise your writing without worrying about the ideas side of things.

I’ve got to admit, these 5 writing prompts don’t fit with my normal themes, but that is what makes them SO GOOD. They force you to write outside of your comfort zone, experimenting with new genres and styles. You can follow the brief description to get you started, or just use the title and let your imagination run wild.

If you create anything using these prompts, I would LOVE to read it! Let me know by dropping me a comment, email or DM on Linkedin 🙂

Number 1.

The Emotion Market

In a world where emotions are bought and sold in a bustling market, a young trader stumbles upon a black-market deal involving a rare and dangerous emotion that could alter human consciousness.

Number 2.

The Time-Traveling Librarian

A librarian discovers an ancient book that allows them to travel through time. However, each time they visit a different era, a new page appears in the book, and they must solve a historical mystery to return home.

Number 3

The Eternal Painting

You inherit a painting that has been passed down through generations in your family. The figures in the painting seem to change positions and scenes over time, revealing a hidden narrative that connects to a long-lost family secret and an ancient curse

Number 4

Ghost in the Smartphone

After purchasing a second-hand smartphone, you begin receiving messages from a ghost who claims they were trapped in the device. The ghost needs your help to solve their murder, but each clue leads to darker and more twisted secrets.

Number 5

Alien Postcards

You start receiving postcards from an unknown sender who claims to be an alien observing Earth. Each postcard contains a cryptic message about the future, and it’s up to you to decipher them before a significant event changes the world.