When Did Food Stop Being ‘Normal’?

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Another month, another set of magazines. Though I tend to buy Cosmopolitan quite regularly I’ve also been buying a few other titles recently – exciting insight to my life there babes. Anyway; without fail at least one of the magazines will have a feature on food; not how to cook it or where to buy it, but how bad it is for you. Or alternatively how good it is for you, and ohmigod you have to include it in your daily diet from now on, otherwise not only will you be full of toxins and wrinkly, you will also be terribly unfashionable. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Half of the foods have names you have to Google, because let’s face it we don’t how to pronounce something with that many q’s and w’s. But all of this fascination with new and exotic foods got me thinking. Is it possible to have a ‘normal’ diet nowadays? When I was younger (back in the good ol’days) you were either healthy or unhealthy. It was that simple. Now it seems everyone has a food philosophy.

I am guilty of loving a good food-fad (remember that time I convinced myself I was going to give up tea to lower my tannin consumption? LOL like I’d stick to that) but on the whole I don’t really have a philosophy. It seems I am the only one not too. Although it is often hard not to think about the various properties nutritionists spout – I want my food to be food. I want to enjoy it, and not feel hungry. I mean, it’s still good to have common sense and have a balanced diet, but it would be nice not to be so caught up in whether the anti-toxins in one part of the meal is cancelled out by a different ingredient in the dish. And oh hang on, how do we calculate the grams of protein in this?

One woman I speak to daily once cut out dairy, bread and gluten for nearly ten years. She’d eat at least ten portions of fruit and veg a day – apparently it is the best she’s ever felt and she felt ‘noticeably unhealthier’ when she started to broaden the food groups she was eating. All that fibre though meant she was always having to run to the bathroom, which obviously ain’t great for the person involved, or the people that have to go into the bathroom after them.

Another friend of mine has a constantly evolving diet. If it has been having a moment on Instagram it will end up on her plate. We will sit and listen as she tells us how amazing it is; secretly knowing as soon as the next ‘it’ food comes along it will be bumped off the shopping list.

I am sure the people who make TV shows, books or articles about the never before known properties of Kiwis mean well. But for me personally, it detracts from the point. Food is meant to fill a hole, fuel your day and be a socialable event. To me at least, it should not something to be scrutinised or eaten hurriedly on the go. We all need to have some level of understanding when it comes to the types of food and how they affect us. We need to know which ones we should eat regularly and which are best saved as an occasional treat (here’s looking at you Ben & Jerry’s) however, at times I think we could all do with stepping back, and gaining some portion perspective.



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