The Top 5 Life Lessons From the Kardashians

Life Lessons From the Kardashians 

Not gunna lie, of all the celeb news I read when I’m trying to put off something I should be doing, the Kardashian’s probably make up more than half of it. I may have never actually watched a full episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s, but reading about their make-up looks, their outfits and their generally great lives is secretly a little bit fun. If all those articles have taught me anything other than what it’s like to wear a latex dress it’s that we could all learn a few things from the famous fam. Such as…

  • Anything Can Be an Opportunity – You know when you have those moments, where you wonder if you may need the men in white coats turn up, because no sane person would ever do what you’ve just done. The kinda moment that comes to haunt you three years down the line during a bout of insomnia? Well take heart, if there is one thing that we can learn from Kim Kardashian, other than the powers of contouring is that every embarrassing moment can be turned into an opportunity. Even if Kim did leak the sex tape herself, there must have been awkward moments bumping into people you’ve met a few times through Joe Bloggs and knowing they may/probably/definitely have seen you shagging. Yet with the right attitude and hard work she used it to become one of the biggest celebrities of the age. If the girl who organised Paris Hilton’s closet for a job can use a sex tape to become a mega-star, surely you can make something good come from your embarrassing escapades. Just fingers crossed they don’t involve leaked sex tapes.
  • Age is Just a Number – Bodycon suits and a new 30 year old boyfriend. That hardly sounds like the life of a normal pensioner, yet Kris Kardashian (or Jenner…or whatever she is calling herself nowadays) proves that age should never get in the way of pursuing your dream, or even just a bit of fun. If you want to do something, whether it be a new career, a new country to reside in – don’t let the fear of being too old or too young stop you. Who cares if you are the oldest one in the class, or the youngest in the office as long as you know you’re working towards the dream.
  • It’s Possible to Change Perceptions of Yourself – Since the dawn of the Kardashian dynasty, Khloe has cruelly been labelled many things whether it’s ‘the fat one’ or ‘the ugly sister’ and recently admitted that she tried to own the labels as a method of self-defence. If she put herself down first, it wouldn’t be such a big deal when the other person inevitably did. Which when you pause to think about it, is a desperately sad way to think. To the world at least it seemed as if the roles within the family were firmly stuck – Kim was the hot one, Khloe the fat, funny one. Then Khloe’s Complex cover landed and everyone lost their minds. Could it be – Khloe was actually kinda hot? Despite having the global media and fellow celebs label her one thing Khloe worked her ass off (literally) and changed the way she was viewed. If you have a reputation that you’re not exactly proud of – either professionally or personally- it doesn’t have to be forever.
  • It’s Never too Late to Start Again – I was about to be a massive cliché and write about Caitlyn – then I began to wonder if this one counts… I mean technically Cait’s not a Kardashian. So yeah, here’s a point that I’ve just kinda sneaked in, mwhahah. Who would have thought you could literally start a new life as you near your seventies. Most people, myself included tend to think that when you’re almost ready to collect your pension your life is pretty much set. You’ve probably already met the love of your life, you’ve done most of your career, and chances are if you decided to have kids you’ve already had them. Yet Cait, in a similar vein to Kris, showed you can start over at any age. If something is not working – no matter how long you’ve tried or worked at it, you can always start a fresh. It may not be easy, your decisions may be questioned by people that mean well, but you can do it.
  • Realise That It’s Ok to Be Kinda Different – Again another Jenner has sneaked into our mist. Of course this time I’m talking about Kylie. Yes she is adopting the family tradition of contouring and oh-my-god-all-the-pouts, but she is also decidedly different. Kylie early on marked herself as different from the Kardashian brand – the long dark hair is regularly chopped and changed. The idea of wearing a skin tight dress to do the local shop so far seems to have escaped her (though it is slowly creeping in.) You can bet your bottom dollar that when Kris realised Kylie wasn’t prescribing to the die-hard Kardashian style she had minor heart palpitations – as every great marketer knows, all products need to be on brand. Yet Kylie stuck to her guns, and it paid off. She’s been on the cover of Teen Vogue; she’s fast becoming the make-up idol of many. She was the star of a hashtag game.

So there you go. Who knew the Kardashian’s could teach us about more than just make-up, eh?


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