Reclaim This Autumn


Fristly, did you know that Autumn doesn’t end until the 20th December this year? No me either, but that is what Googling is claiming. Either way, it suddenly dawned on me that we only have two and a bit months of this year left.

How on earth has that happened?

I can honestly say I feel like this year has been one of my best in terms of personal growth and moving forward with different areas of my life. However, as much as I’ve grown and had fun along the way, I feel like some of my intentions at the start of the year have got a little lost.

I feel a bit like one of them ducks you see on Youtube, waddling along blissfully unaware that her ducklings are one by one falling down a drain (don’t worry, in like 99.999% of the videos some sort of rescuer comes along to fish them out again.)

I feel like I may not be alone in this. Or should I say I’m hoping I’m not, please don’t tell me all you guys stuck to your plans and it’s just me forgetting them. I think that summer can kinda take over, with the run up to holidays and holidays themselves knocking goals off course. But here we have two months to get back on track.

So let’s do this!

Make yourself a brew, possibly grab a biscuit and try to remember what you wanted to achieve this year. Admittedly that is a bit easier for me as I’ve been keeping a bullet journal (which you can read about here) however I think some of my goals – and maybe yours – have definitely changed. Which is no bad thing. It just shows that we’ve changed as a person… that we are re-evaluating what will make us happy and working towards that.

Autumn generally means that it starts getting darker in the morning, which makes it a bajillion times harder to get out of bed. But don’t worry, I’m not the sort of person who will start telling you to get up earlier to get more done. No one needs to be told that, let alone when 7am still looks like 3am and it is colder than it was last week.

Instead try to carve out time elsewhere. I mean scrolling through Instagram and Facebooks fun and all, but you could be using your lunch break to actively change your life for the better. It could just be doing some life admin, which frees up your evening for more fun things.

I love the idea of Hygge and I do want to incorporate it into my life, but I’m scared you can have too much of a good thing. Cosy nights in are all well and good but if you wanted to get serious about running or painting or whatever, it isn’t going to help. Instead make a promise to yourself. If you work towards you goals through the week then you can spend all the weekend time you want practising Hygge.

I didn’t set out to write a blog post full of  tips, and I don’t want to; because most of them you probably already know deep down. What I did want to do is remind you of the goals you may have been side-tracked from, the ones you desperately wanted to achieve before frozen cocktails came along to tempt you off course.

We have two months (and a bit) left of this year. Let’s reclaim them and go out on a high.



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