National Novel Writing Month – The 1st Attempt


It’s officially November! Which means it’s slightly less shameful to be buying Christmas decorations/cards, and chocolate coated fruit is an acceptable lunch, because its bonfire night. And then because it was bonfire night, you can’t just throw out bonfire toffee, right?

For many writers, November also symbolises something else. It is a month where dreams either come to fruition, or crumble into the cracks of the keyboard. It’s National Novel Writing Month.

I first heard of National Novel Writing Month (or Nanowrimo for short) a few years back as a friend from university was taking part. However what with studies, part-time jobs and just general life I didn’t bother to give it a go; after all, it’s a mammoth task.

The premise is basically to write a novel in a month. Yep, a novel. A work of art that can take on average four to ten years to complete. Of course, it does not have to be a novel, it could be a script, a collection of short stories as long as the total word count reaches a minimum of fifty thousand words – or the equivalent in lines of poetry.

This year, despite it being the first year I’ve actually had a full-time ‘adult job’ I decided to try… after all, if it all goes pear-shaped surely dusting it off next November still counts. On the first two days I exceeded the general target of two thousand words a day, however that seems a much bigger ask now that the working week has started.

A lot of people on various websites and discussions on LinkedIn urged the point of not feeling overwhelmed by the daily targets, and I really am trying not to be. But then there is the pang of guilt when I realise it’s almost 9pm and I’ve written nothing towards it.

For motivation a lot of people sign up to the Nation Novel Writing Month website, I haven’t but I believe there are words counters you can display online and other sort of tools.

Through-out this month, as well as the regular blog posts, I’ll also try and share my progress… even if it’s just to pressure myself into writing something. If you have attempted it, have any tips or are doing it now please let me know!


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