My 6 Big Moments of 2014

year review

I hope you have all had a brilliant Christmas/New Year season and are ram-packed full of optimism for 2015.

I’m sorry that I did post much, or at all, over the festive period; but between myself and family members being ill topped off with all other goings on I just didn’t manage to get any done. However let’s be honest, at least one of those posts would have been the clichéd ‘Here’s my New Year’s Resolutions –Share Yours!’ type.

Instead, you lucky, lucky people get this cliché instead. A review of my year, and looking back it’s been a pretty good year. So, in no particular order:

  • I got a new job! After going to drop off a CV, and an on the spot interview I nabbed a 20 hour, temporary position as an office assistant. Over the coming months this morphed into a full time, permanent job in marketing. I suppose I’ve put this as my number one because it’s probably the biggest thing. Financially and personally. I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person because of this job and am one of the few people who (albeit moans some days) genuinely loves their job. So much so I’m still on Christmas leave and blogging about it.
  • Paul and I celebrated five years together! I presume we celebrated, but to be honest I can’t actually remember what we did. Ooops. In my defence, it was almost a year ago. But yeah, five bloody years. Who knew a few Facebook messages would turn into half a decade and counting?
  • Talking of the boyf, this year we went on our first ‘proper’ couples holiday. A long time coming, right? We’d been away together with others and in the UK alone but 2014 was the year we went off just us two. It was brilliant. Yes they were a small argument or two, but on the whole it was a success. Which was a surprise, I thought we’d been killing each other after two solid days together. As well as making memories I think we also learned a lot about each other which was a nice surprise after being together so long.
2014 year review crete holiday
This was taken after what was advertised as a ‘light walk’ turned into a full on mountain trek.
  • Stating the obvious here but I started a blog! Shocking, I know! Admittedly it has turned me into a bit of a stats-whore (so if you’re reading this, thank you… it means OTT amount to me) and at times has made me feel like a technical genius. I mean, it’s pretty clear buying and mapping a domain name is only one stop away from world domination. That said, if you have ANY idea how to get a favicon (is that the right word? I mean a little picture at the corner of the tab) please give me a shout… that bit is eluding me.
  • I passed my driving test. I’d been having lessons on and off for about five years; totalling three bumps into other cars, two driving instructors and one fall out with a neighbour. When I started with my second instructor it felt like I had a mountain or three to climb. I had to unlearn a lot of things but I finally got their on my second attempt at test. So just to celebrate here’s a photo of me and my car – which is now a bit less shiny and missing a hubcap*
2014 year review car
Zipper’s since gained a private reg!
  • I’ve turned red! Not in an illness/rash way, I should explain. After a year of being blonde, but never feeling like a true blonde at heart I took the plunge and asked my stylist to turn me into a red head. This was a big decision as red is notoriously hard to move on from. Not in an emotional sense, in a no other dye manages to cover it sense. I went for a coppery shade and I love it! And so does my boyfriend and sister… Which is good as everyone else seems to still be in shock about it.
Red Hair!


I hope your 2014 had some high moments, and hopefully I’ll see you around this year!

*New Year’s Resolution #1- get round to buying a bloody hubcap.


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