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At this exact moment in time I should be writing the first draft of my latest uni assignment. But I’m tired and there is a pain au chocolate down stairs that is trying its best to distract me. So here I am, opting to blog instead.

Recently here on the blog, I’ve felt like something is missing. Then I realised, as much as I love sharing my new discoveries with you guys (you can read my latest book review here) there is something definitely missing. And that something is me.

Not to sound to narcissistic, like.

A lot has changed in my life recently, and I guess I was too caught up on it to share it as it happened. So get a brew babes, and lets have a catch up.


Me and Craig have taken what many people would say is a big step in our relationship. Dun Dun Dun… We’ve moved in together! The logical part of me knows it’s a “big thing” and don’t get me wrong it was really exciting, but apart from all the logistics, it didn’t feel big. It didn’t feel like a huge step. It just felt exciting and giddy and comforting knowing we’d get to spend more time together than ever. It didn’t feel big, it felt right. <3


I was at Croft Mill for roughly about three and a half years, then something clicked. I needed to move, I needed a change. I guess you could say I took the phrase “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” and ran with it for all it was worth.

Although I’m still working in marketing, I’ve swapped slightly. Instead of marketing directly to customers, I’m marketing to other businesses now. My role also involves sales which I’m excited to learn more about. One of the biggest changes was moving from an all woman workforce to an office in which I am the only girl – there are others in the building, but in the Sales/Marketing office it’s just me. Who knew boys didn’t talk about sex and private parts as much as girls do?


The long and short of this is : I’ve passed my first year! The last assignment I submitted I was slightly nervous about. Basically I had to create a marketing strategy – and whilst I’d done so in my role at Croft Mill I’d never done a ~formal~ one, but when I get my marks back I was only three measly points away from a distinction. I was so happy and promptly told everyone I knew. Twice.


As I mentioned earlier I seem to be on a mission to become comfortable with the uncomfortable this year.

I like routines, in fact I love routines. They make me feel in control and ready to take on the world. When me and Craig moved in together we had no routine whatsoever, and in truth I think my well-being well and truly suffered. I created conversations with Craig about routines and my love of them far too often. You could say I was getting a bit obsessive about finding our routine.

So what did we do as soon as everything had settled down? Why, we disrupted it of course! Despite never so much as touching a rabbit before, we’ve extended our family by two!

Both rabbits boys (or so we’ve been told) and I am totally smittened. I’ve become one of them over protective, over bearing mothers that just has to tell everyone every little thing they do. Expect proud potty training posts on my Instagram and twitter feeds soon.

It’s also been the first year anniversary of my dog Icky’s death. It’s amazing to think it’s a year, and all the changes it has brought. In some ways life goes on, but a dog, like any person that has died can still jump into your head at the most unexpected moments. I guess you’ve just got to be thankful for what you’ve had, and look forward to what is to come.

What’s Next?

Well know that everything is settling down again, I guess it’s going to be business as usual. Me and Craig have decided against a holiday this year (though we haven’t ruled against minibreaks) because we want to get to grips with the new house and look at buying a place of our own in the near future (were currently renting this pad)

Also, this probably seems a bit ridiculous, given I haven’t been giving this blog all the attention it deserves – however I do want to start a side blog (is that such a thing?) dedicated to digital marketing.

I haven’t really got any firm plans for the rest of the year, I’m just going where the wind blows and see what opportunities the next six months bring –  but in some ways that’s more exciting.


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