Life is What Happens, While Your Making Plans…

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A few days ago I spent my lunch-break sat in the office kitchen, absent-mindedly scrolling through my Twitter feed – nothing new there – when an old blog post from a friend popped up. When I say an old blog post, I mean an old blog post… on a very old blog.

By the looks of things the blog hadn’t been updated in years, and the post in question was almost half a decade old. All the same the post was a good read, but probably not for the reasons she intended.

The blog post was essentially a list of goals; places she wanted to see, jobs she wanted to do.

What struck me was not the hope woven between the words, the big dreams and half-made plans. Rather it was how removed it was from her life now. Some of the goals, such as having a family or traveling to other parts of the world may yet happen, however in some areas her life had moved in a totally different direction.

If you was to print off this list of goals, and hold it against her life now, not only would you be a stalker, but you would also be confused. They would not seem like to same people at all.

At the time she wrote it, it was clear that she thought achieving these goals would make her happy. I probably would have agreed with her, I know how important they would have seemed. However different her life is to what she planned; I don’t think I have ever known her as happy as she is now.

Although many people will tell you that life never goes to plan, or other such clichés. People grow and ideals change, even simple timescales can change. It can be astounding how much, when you stumble across it unexpectedly.

Looking back at my own goals from the same period, my life hasn’t swayed as far from them as her life did from hers. I like to think (perhaps mistakenly) that without my noticing the goals became possibilities and evolved into plans; that’s why I haven’t gone off on a tangent.

When it comes to plans, or life in general I admit I can be a bit of a control freak, my boyfriend can probably back me up on this (poor sod.) I am pushing myself to relinquish control, but I do like to have a plan and a script and for life to follow it to the letter. I don’t go into melt down, but I do privately have a bit of a strop and mentally curse those that haven’t played along to my song.

As such, I’m thankful that the blog post popped up in my feed; it reminded me that what you plan out; may not always be what is best for you. Therefore if things that don’t go as you want, relax something better might be around the corner.





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