How to be Happy

how to be happy

Firstly, sorry for the lack of new posts last week – I know quite a few of you guys stopped by on Thursday/Friday looking for an Outfit of the Week post and found nothing. To be totally honest, there were a few issues getting photographers etc, and a few things going on personally which meant that it just didn’t happen. My bad.

Not too long ago, I woke up in a slump. One of them slumps where nothing is obviously wrong, but nothing is completely right either. The kind of slump where you feel unmotivated, guilty about being unmotivated and powerless to stop yourself from feeling unashamedly crap.

They are horrible, tiring, and not easy to shake off.

This low mood caught me completely by surprise and is only just leaving me fully. There is no reason for me to feel like this; work is going smoothly, all of my family and friends are well, various projects I’ve been working on are progressing. I’ve even treated myself to a sparkly new laptop (not literally sparkly, just ‘brand new sparkly’ FYI) As un-rational as this sounds, I think that the fact everything is bobbing along quite nicely is part of the problem. It felt like everything was on track, so there was no reason to push. And I like to push myself, I like to have a mission, to have something to prove.

As such, I started thinking about how to get my butt back into gear; I thought about what makes me happy and thought I’d share it, in the hope it would make you happier too. What are friend’s for, eh?

  • Old dogs – Ok, slightly controversial but old dogs are way better than puppies. Yes a puppy may bound to you, while an old dog waddles, but when you are not in the mood the constant energy can be a tiny bit annoying. Grab an old dog, have a snuggle. Nuff said.

How to be happy, positivity, old dogs

  • Tedtalks – it doesn’t matter what subject, just watch whichever one takes your fancy. Learning about a new topic, or person’s viewpoint can take your mind off yourself and reinvigorate you.
  • Stalk yourself – This sounds a bit weird admittedly, but it is well worth it. Chances are all the photo’s you’ve uploaded to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc are from good times (seriously nobody uploads tear-stained selfies) looking back through old photos can remind you of good times past and how much you’ve grown as person since that ‘well gd nyt xx’
  • Get up and make time for breakfast – not throwing down a quick bowl of cereals on the way out of the door. Make time to sit down, with a pinterest-worthy meal, a brew, fruit juice and scan the days headlines. Holiday feeling within minutes guaranteed.

How to be happy breakfast

  • Do something selfless – If you’re not in the mood, it can be something tiny. Like literally, if you notice someone looks nice, make the effort to tell them. Making someone else happy, will make you happy. Trust me on this one.
  • Watch Jeremy Kylie – OK, I probably shouldn’t say this, but it will make you feel better. As down as you’re feeling, chances are your problems aren’t as bad as the poor buggers on there.

how to be happy

  • Hand Sew – again, you’ll have to trust me on this one. Even if you don’t actually sew anything, having to sew by hand makes you concentrate just enough to not be able to concentrate on anything else.
  • Paint You’re Nails, Put on Lipstick – Or whatever else it is that floats your boat. Make yourself look like your full of positivity and you’ll feel it. The brighter the colours, the better.
  • If all else fails, get some good food and search for inspiring quotes online. When you’re on top form and your newsfeed is full of them, chances are that you find them annoying, cliché and amazingly cheesy. But there is a reason they are so popular. When you’re down, there is sure to be one out there that relates to you perfectly. Bonus points if it has an emotive rainbow/sea scene/landscape in the background.

How to be happy quote


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