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Normally I’m fairly unforgiving when it comes to Facebook videos. When it comes down to that all precious data, unless you are a small furry animal promising a hefty dose of cuteness, you aren’t going to get a view.

Until Facebook started pushing autoplay video, obz. But that is a whole different rant.

As such, I’m not too sure what caused me to watch the video I’m going to share with you… perhaps it was the idea of tiny little baby cows with big doe eyes. Maybe it was the idea of condensing Veganism down to 5 short minutes. Who knows?

Though I’ve had a dalliance with vegetarianism in the past, Veganism always struck me as being slightly pretentious. It conjures up images of hemp pants and sandals worn with fair trade cotton socks. Looking dapper. Truth be told I’d never met a vegan. Or at least no one that had confessed to it… sheltered life or what? I presumed they would all be a bit up their own arses…. anyone that could give up cheese surely had to have a bit if a “holier than thou” thing going on, didn’t they?

And then I watched this video. Albeit, without sound. And then I was that intrigued I went and found the emergency headphones. Which, when you’ve got less than half an hour for your lunch and no WiFi, says something really.

This may sound stupid, but the fact dairy cows are in a perpetual cycle of giving birth, having the baby taken from them, and artificially impregnated… all ready for the cycle to start again was something that did not occur to me. Everyone knows milk is made by the mother for the baby… yet the idea there needed to be hundreds of calves born purely so we can put some milk in our cuppa did not enter my head.

I won’t go into details about the dairy industry… if you’re interested you can watch the video 


What I will tell you is what happened to me when I gave up dairy. I say gave up, I still haven’t got there completely. I try, but deep down macaroni cheese is still bae at heart.

At first I didn’t dare have soy milk in my brews; I’d heard horror stories about the aftertaste and needing half a pint to make the tea look a semi-normal colour.

I did persevere and have it on cereal, in porridge and attempt to cut out other sources of dairy. And eventually plucked up the courage to take it in my tea. FYI you will need approximately 800 gallons to make your tea look normal and not so strong in taste that it strips your tastebuds. I wasn’t expecting much of a change though; I had no history of allergies to dairy products. I didn’t eat a lot of diary, apart from in brews it was nowhere near a daily occurrence.

Within a few weeks of being dairy free I had noticed a huge change. I was used to feeling lethargic and often run-down…. I had put this down to being almost anaemic, which you can read more about here. However there was a noticeable change in my energy levels – I felt almost like I’d had Redbull on an intravenous drip – though without the heart palpitations and all that jazz.

Although I can’t say I’ve been sleeping better, in terms of not waking up at silly o’clock, but I have been waking up feeling more rested. And my skins been looking brighter to boot.

So yeah, in all… if you’ve been feeling a bit low in energy or have just been toying with the idea of Veganism I’d say give it a go.




  1. March 29, 2016 / 8:29 am

    Please make a post on meal plans/ how much you eat in a day 😊

    • April 21, 2016 / 8:50 pm

      I’d love to give it a try but I feel like all my vegan meals are a bit basic/boring at the minute. Can you recommend any good recipes?

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