7 Things To Stop Feeling So Bloody Guilty About

stop feeling guilty about things

According to studies 96% of women feel guilty at least once a day, with half of women feeling guilty at least four times a day. Most people put this down to the pressures of modern life, so well documented in various magazines and newspapers. Whatever the cause though, having that many people feel guilty every day is really, really rubbish – especially because most things people feel guilty over are actually quite inconsequential.

So without further ado, here are some things to stop feeling guilty about…

  1. Nomophobia – Ok, this one is at the top of the list purely because it is the one that can be most applicable to me; and it’s my blog so hey ho. My boyfriend in particular loves to point out that I am always on my phone, checking my phone or making sure it is in the vicinity. For a long time I felt guilty about it, I’d pass it off as being a necessity – I do work in digital after all. But as long as you and I aren’t being rude to others when checking the phone, what’s the harm really? OK it’s not natural, but hardly anything in our lifestyle is nowadays anyway. You like playing on your phone, so go ahead and check it multiple times. Wait, I think I think I can hear it beeping. BRB.
  2. Food – This is probably the most common one. And yeah, to be fair if you’re that big you have to have firefighters lift you out of the bed you probably should feel guilty about that sneaky Chinese. If on the other hand your having a cheeky KitKat because damn it its 3pm and the slump has hit you, don’t feel bad. It will feel so worth it, and what’s 109 measly calories in the grand scheme of things?
  3. Not replying/contacting people as much as you should –This is another big one for me. I may be on my phone for half my spare time, but if you tweet/comment/text chances are I’ll promise myself to reply as soon as I’ve finished whatever I’m googling – then finally get back to you three days later. Unless you’re someone who will ring the person I’m with if I don’t reply quickly enough (hi, dad!). Admittedly this is a bit crappy of us, but we’re all adults now and people understand that we lead busy lives. Unless they’ve communicated something amazing/tragic/ground-breaking most people won’t mind if you don’t reply as soon as you could, they are probably busy gallivanting anyway.
  4. Having irrational fears – You are a strong independent woman. The theme song to Charlie’s Angels (you know, the Destiny’s Child one) is basically written about you – until a spider comes trotting along. Yes it is a bit embarrassing having to wait for someone to rescue you, but everyone has irrational fears deep down. Even that big burly bloke who is saving you from the spider might be secretly quaking.
  5. Telling it how it is – Don’t let this be confused with being bitchy. If you’re calling that person for no reason other than you feeling a bit grumpy today, that ain’t cool. If however, you have a genuine reason to call someone out, or raise a point that may not go down well; don’t feel bad. Yes it will be a bit awkward afterwards, and yes you probably could have just bit your tongue and put up with it; but you shouldn’t have to. If you tell it how it is, at least everyone knows where they stand and what needs to change.
  6. Buying all the things – As a rule, I’m quite good at not going on splurges. I can resist a new dress better than a vegetarian can resist a steak. Just don’t offer me beauty products. Or notebooks. And don’t ask to see my nail varnishes or I will guilty show you more nail polish than is in stock in Boots. Technically, you could save up all of that money you splash on coffee and buy yourself a car, if you can wait for a decade. Obviously, if you are getting into debt or considering a payday loan, you need to cut back and step away from your favourite thing to buy. If however your financially stable, treat yourself – you’ve earnt it. Literally.
  7. ‘Borrowing’ content – This one is one for the bloggers. You’ve seen a feature or a post on somebody else’s blog that was just so good you’ve gotta give it a whirl on your own site. As long as you’re not copying their post word for word, don’t feel bad. When it comes to writing and the media, very few ideas are original, so deal with it. If you are just reposting what they’ve written, give them credit and offer a commentary. Curate the content, don’t just copy it.


So now we’ve established all this, pass me a biscuit; I’ve got a phone to mess on.


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