11 Truths You Learn From Long-Term Relationships

long term relationship

1)  That you don’t compromise as much/easily as you thought you would, in fact, compromise is often a battle. But that said, neither does your partner.

2)  All the great philosophers are wrong. The little things do matter, it’s probably something small or meaningless but it will drive you insane whenever they do it.

3)  Even though that habit really, really annoys you. The odd days you’re not suffering it, you’ll actually miss it. You’ve become a walking contradiction.

4)  The ‘We’re so in love!’ couple on Facebook are nonetheless annoying even though you’re coupled up. You refuse to believe a relationship is that perfect, no matter how much they love each other.

5)  You start to understand, and use the jargon of topics you don’t even care about (WoW anyone?).

6)  At some point you have the grand realisation that you are boring. And you don’t care. Saturday night down town, just doesn’t have the same appeal as snuggles and shit TV.

7)  You’ve become better at dodging questions than David Cameron ‘Wedding plans? Children?’ Will all elicit the same (agreed upon) reply.

8)  You’re actually quite inventive when it comes to activities. After a couple of years you’ve done all of the normal things and been to all the normal places – time to find some inspiration.

9)  You’re a bit lazy. Technically you could do it all by yourself, but you don’t. Because even rubbish things like working out a percentage are better when they are involved.

10)  Even though you manage to spend most of your time as an acceptable human being there will be times when the soppiness overwhelms you, you might be saying ‘aww’ to a text, or end up writing blogs along this theme.

11) You secretly relish being one of the ‘smug married’ type couples come Valentine’s Day.


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