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So we are two weeks in to Nanowrimo – and I’m already behind. But I have a totally valid excuse (spending the weekend in bed with the boyfriend, followed by just life in general is a valid excuse, isn’t it?) so let’s just forget about the missing 14,000 words. Gulp.
Let’s just Let it Go. And try not to get sucked into watching Frozen for the umpteenth time.
I may not have written for a week, but that is not as dire as some nanowrimo blogs will make out. After all, a week doesn’t seem a huge gap when I haven’t written fiction since I graduated. Or at least I haven’t done it properly, with a set story in mind.
I expected Nanowrimo to be draining, tiring but I’ve found it to be the total opposite. I’m feeling pretty smug and self-congratulatory –I’ve basically written a dissertation in a week. The same word count that had me in fear for the second year of uni.
I think the fact you have a clear word count serves as marvellous motivation. Seeing #Nanowrimo trending on Twitter is another source of motivation – if all them people are writing, perhaps I should be too. Telling my family members and various others about it has also helped, because now I really have to do it. I have to do it to prove a point and avoid getting the mick taken out of me whenever writing a book gets brought up in conversation.
(Which to be far, isn’t all that honest, unless the rum has been poured.)
Give it another week and I may be singing a different tune. But so far, so good. Even if I am missing a few thousand words.


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