A Night in Ruthin Castle

ruthin castle

My phone’s camera didn’t do so well at capturing the castle – so here’s a pic from Tripadvisor

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t – shame on you) you’ll know that last week me and the boyfriend headed off to spend a romantic night away in sunny Wales. Just joking, it wasn’t sunny. Despite the entire week leading up to it being glorious Wales wash enjoying greyness with occasional showers.

We set off on the Sunday, with the boyf getting bonus points for treating me to breakfast in bed before we went and offering to drive. Ruthin, a small historical market town was in theory less than two hours away; but it felt like a lot longer. It was well worth the drive though.

As we navigated Ruthin town centre, I pointed out the archway leading to Ruthin Castle, our destination for the night. Paul (the boyf) told me I best not be leading him onto a private drive, because it was so well kept and grand he doubted it was the right place. Which, when I write it; really makes me wonder what he thinks my trip-booking-skills are like.

Just a heads up, the car park wasn’t exactly big and was full of Audis and Merc; so if you’re not a great parker start practising now. If you’re going to bump into anything, you don’t want it to be a Merc.

After signing in at (the amazing) reception, we headed upstairs to our room. The room was spacious and definitely made you felt as if you were in a castle. The bathroom mirror was also possibly the biggest thing in existence. Also if you’re keen on antique style furnishings, or just like lots of storage, you will definitely appreciate the cupboards.

I would have shared with you a photo of our room, but brilliant packer that I am I only had my phone as a camera and it came out a bit dark as they had dimmed the lights (plans of a dirty weekend are pretty obvious to them, apparently.) Because of the rubbish weather and the fact I’d only packed suede shoes (ever the optimist) we didn’t really explore the grounds. That’s a lie. We didn’t explore them at all; but trip advisor tells me they are stunning. They also have peacocks wandering round, as you do.

We stayed for drinks in the hotel bar – you can take them into the lounge, but why would you want to? The bar feels like a proper country seat from Downton Abbey era. Think chesterfields, bookcases and open fires, though the fires are fake. Which might explain why the entire place was a tiny bit chilly.

After a few glasses of wine we made our way, slightly unsteadily, to Bertie’s Restaurant. Bertie’s Restaurant is the hotels only eatery, so if you stay for breakfast chances are you’ll end up here. One of the hotel’s main boasting points is that it is an ex-royal residence, and they are certainly channelling it through the décor. Red, gold, and chandeliers all without being over the top… although you may feel as if any future drinks will be served in gold goblets. (FYI their not.)

Ruthin Castle Berties

I opted for the blue cheese gnocchi – my fitness pal who? While Paul went for venison. Bambi need not worry however, you don’t get much venison. He did get some nicely dyed parsnips though, so there’s that.

Ruthin Castle Berties Gnocchi

Rock and Roll as ever we were in bed for about 10pm, but being drunk and distracted we left the blinds open by accident. As such we were woken at the crack of dawn, literally. We did have nice-ish views to enjoy however.

Ruthin Castle Bedroom View

To say we were both out of bed for 8am, I honestly don’t know what we did in the morning. But after a brief breakfast, boyf on the Full English (buffet-style and according to Paul not all that) and I on croissants we got into the car and drove the whole minute to Ruthin town centre.

Ruthin town

Let’s be honest, having Ruthin as the name of the town isn’t really appealing. But don’t let this put you off; it is surprisingly pretty. With the same feel as Whitby, but slightly more colourful as all of the houses and shops are painted in a variety of pastel colours the town is concoction of individual shops, tea rooms and cafes. If you wanted a pinterest-worthy wedding present this is the place to shop – or at least I think it is. I’ve heard of the term ‘sleepy village’ but I didn’t think it was possible for a village or town to be this sleepy. We was wondering around at roughly 11am on a Monday yet most of the shops still had yet to open, which my bank account and Paul was probably quite secretly glad about.

On the plus side, B&M Bargains in Ruthin opens at 9am…. You can take the girl out of Burnley….

After exploring Ruthin we decided to drive to what we presumed was the next town… I can’t really remember the name of it, and Google doesn’t either. It’s called Pally…something and 2 miles away. Don’t bother going; as we found out it consists of two streets of houses and a community cyber café that appears to be shut.

All in all if you are looking for a sneaky night away, with a Whitby-esque town to explore I could well recommend Ruthin. Just make sure you pack a brolly.


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