Ombre Lips How To – In 4 Simple Steps

ombre lips how to simple

When photos emerged of Kylie Jenner’s new lips – she denied surgery and claimed it was just good make-up (don’t they all?) Like most people I was sceptical, but whilst playing around with this trend, I accidentally gave myself a full on, convincing pout-trout. So I guess we’ll never know.

Ombre lips have been on the catwalks for years now, with the idea that blending colours correctly can give you the appearance of bigger lips. I think this style would look amazing in wintery berry hues, but with spring on the mind, I went for pinks. If you are really daring you can view a purple and gold tutorial on Youtube here. But let’s get down to business…

To create this look, you need to start with a fairly neutral base. After exfoliating the lips put some foundation/face powder/concealer on them to try and take away the colour. I had to use a fair bit to do this as I’d earlier gone shopping with a bright pink lip… not the best idea before this blog post but hey ho.

Ombre lips how to simple

From now on you will have to excuse the cringe-worthy attempts at pouting. I’m not a brilliant poser at the best of times, let alone when trying to take photos that show off the lips.

Using a lip liner you want to trace the outer edges of your lips. I’m still using my budget lipstick (you can read about it here) and don’t have a liner that matched; so I just applied it really carefully with a lipbrush and put on a few coats to get the pigmentation I wanted. At this point you will start to feel a bit like a minor celeb circa 1990s.

ombre lips outline

Thirdly, shade in the outer edges of the lips. You want to start off with enough of the lipbrush to get roughly the same shade as the lip liner, if not the exact shade. As you move towards the centre of the lips however, you want to apply less – giving a lighter tone. Just remember not to actually cover the centre of the lips; think about the light, if it hits that part of the lips leave it bare.

ombre lips how to simple

Finally you want to use your light lipstick or gloss. Hang on, I don’t think I mentioned this at the start, but you will need two shades of lipstick. Sorry about forgetting that! Anyway, apply this to the centre of the lips, and spread out until it meets the darker shades.

This is how it looks in general.

ombre lips how to simple

At the top of the post there’s a close up, I hope you appreciate this as it is very weird taking a photo of just your lips.

Tip: Blend as if your life depends on it.

Tip Two: If your second shade doesn’t look quite as light as you wanted, add a small touch of highlighter powder in the middle.

Warning: You will feel as if you are wearing an entire vat of lipstick.



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