Beauty and the Greeks: The Miracle of Oilve Oil

oilve oil

For those of you who don’t know (ok, let’s be honest, that’s probably most of you) I’ve recently been on holiday in Crete. As well as being the reason there was no blog post last week it was also a voyage of discovery.

Greece is known to be the land of the Adonis, and to snare an Adonis you (presumably) have to take care of your appearance. Which would explain many of the Greek women I met whilst there. Almost every Greek woman you saw had embraced the more natural idea of beauty and looked amazing for doing so with glowing skin, minimal makeup and glossy locks.

Admittedly, I was forced to embrace the minimal makeup trend due to the fact I am spectacularly bad at packing for a week away. However driven by a desire to have the same great skin as the Greeks I decided to dip my toe into Greek beauty products.

As a person who has suffered horribly from eczema in the past I tend to fear the unknown when it comes to skin products. Perhaps it was the fact my skin has been pretty much under control the last few years, but whatever the reason, I decided to be brave and try some.

This may not sound like the most exciting product but I tried the olive oil soap (mainly because it is sold EVERYWHERE.) You can get it infused with different extracts, but for the reason stated above I went for the 100% olive oil, and ohmygod one shower later had me question why I bothered with all the moisturizing. I’ve always believed glowing skin was just something that was unequivocally denied to me and my fellow eczema comrades, but this soap proved me wrong. My boyfriend’s hand luggage quickly filled up with my crap as I stocked up on the soap.

Another miracle product I stumbled across was the Olivolio hair mask.

Greek Beauty olive oil hair mask

Granted, while it doesn’t have an offensive scent, it’s not particular amazing. However applying the mask one day before my flight back did mean that I came home with hair in better condition than when I came; which isn’t usually the case when you factor in the sun, sea and pools.

At this rate I was beginning to worry about the weight allowance on our flight.

I will definitely be scouring the web when the sad day dawns when my stash runs dry. So whether you have dry skin/hair or could just do with a boost; follow Greek beauty wisdom and convert to olive oil.


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