To amend Coco Chanel; a girl should be three things, classy, fabulous and a blogger – or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I’m a twenty-something year old marketing assistant that probably spends too much time (read: money) on beauty and nail art. When I’m not faffing with make-up I also love to write; so much so that I completed a degree in English & Creative Writing. As you probably guessed from the subject of my degree I also like to read. And shop. And find excuses to buy antiques, or drag people to museums.

I also obsess about my career, and whether I’m doing enough to lay the great foundation people say you should in your twenties.

As such if you have a gander at the categories on this blog you’ll see that they cover beauty, culture and life in general.

I write bi-monthly blogs for a career website, so thought why shouldn’t I start my own blog? And ta da!

Oh, and I’m ADDICTED to bright lipstick. And Schnauzers.




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